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"The Notion of Europe in the Theological Works of Bosnian Muslims”

Prof. Dr. Enes Karic

Prof. Dr Enes Karic's lecture focused on the influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire on Islamic theology and culture in Bosnia-Herzegovina. According to Karic, the dilemma of living under a foreign Non-Muslim regime or immigrating into the territories of the Ottoman Empire was first and foremost a theological one. Once some of the local Muslim leaders permitted theologically to stay under the "Habsburg Empire" practical theological questions emerged: Should the Muslims take part in a Non-Muslim army? Or can the Muslims be part of the structures of the state which was primarily Catholic? The lecture of Karic surveyed the actions of the Bosnian-Muslim leaders under the Austro-Hungarian regime and the changes which influenced and shaped the character of the local Muslim community until our time.


Gilad Shenhav